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Prestigious Corporate Transportation in Monterey, California

Business Trips

Esteemed Transportation for Professionals

When you visit California while on corporate business, what sort of impression do you want to make?
American International Transportation Service, Inc. has always been dedicated to providing prestige to our clients. We don’t travel on the cheap. In our repertoire of fleet vehicles, we offer everything from Bentleys and Cadillacs to Escalades and Lincoln limousines. 
Travel in style and security with our ample services. Your business partners will never forget your arrival at their doorstep.

Business Trips Have Never Been Easier

It’s the nightmare of any corporate trip: you need to get somewhere and fast, but you have no idea how.
We can ease that situation for you. We’ve been serving the wider community of the Bay Area for more than 30 years. We know every backroad and area of Monterey and surrounding communities like the back of our hand.
Our professional team of expert chauffeurs take their job seriously and will never let you down. Rely on us for knowledgeable and capable transportation through one of the busiest commuter areas in America. We’ll get you there as fast and reliably as possible.

Take the Stress out of Your Business

California transportation is rarely a stress-free activity. From roaring commutes to slogging through traffic, it’s easy to get bogged down in our highways and cities. All of this can detract from your business negotiations, your attentiveness and your enjoyment of your trip.
Allow us the privilege of making everything easier. Hiring a professional driving company can save you actual money and time by allowing you to focus on more than your travel time. We’ll ensure that your trip is smooth as silk so that you can do your business the way you need to.

Book Your Corporate Travel With Us

When it comes to a trip to California, you want to be able to enjoy it. Isn’t that what our state is all about? Even in a hurried business trip, you should be able to see the sights and enjoy your stay.
Let us help you. Consult with American International Transportation Service, Inc. for your next corporate trip to the Bay Area. We’ll ease the entire process for you.