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Special Events Transportation in Monterey, California

Wedding Celebration

Make Every Event More Memorable

Transportation can be just one more hassle to deal with when it comes to a huge event. Whether it’s the transportation of goods or people, commuting can be more than you want to worry about.
Let us worry about it for you. For more than three decades, American International Transportation Service, Inc. has provided the Greater Bay Area with stellar transportation options for countless big events. For these large and momentous occasions, we specialize in making transportation manageable.

Celebrating Your Special Day

Weddings should be a once-in-a-lifetime kind of celebration. How do we make your memories of that special day all the more unique?
We can provide stellar and private getaway options for you and your beloved. Consult with us for pristine and reliable chauffeured services that will keep you on the go throughout your wedding day. No matter how many venues or receptions you have on your schedule or however hurried your plans may be, we’ll keep you on time.

Drivers for Every Grand Occasion

Whether it’s your event of a lifetime or just an intimate evening out on the town, we want to keep your day as special as you want it to be. You want this day to be more than just normal or adequate. You want to ride in luxury and comfort.
We can give that to you. Our professional chauffeurs will provide personable and discreet services to every client. We’ll keep your event as personable and private as you wish it.

Rely on Us This Time

When it comes to special events, a lot might be on your mind. Worry less about your transit needs by hiring us to handle it for you. Our more than 30 years of transportation experience has provided our numerous clients with the flexibility and privacy they need.
We can offer that same level of service to you. Consult with us today for your next outing to make it all the more memorable.